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...the clue is in the name, 'love'

"None of us know what the future holds and it's good that care homes are available for those who need it. One of the best of those is Cariad Care Home in Pentrefelin. In fact, the clue is in the name, 'love' and that's exactly what the amazing and kind staff who work there day and night, show whilst caring for my mother. Alzheimer's is very gruesome and cruel, but mum couldn't be in a better place. Our debt as a family is great to you. Thank you. Bless you all."

Dafydd Jarrett

...the staff were attentive, patient and kind 

"My aunt spent the last seven years of her life, to the age of 96, as a resident of Plasgwyn. Sadly, she was unable to walk for the whole of this period. The care she received was wonderful: the staff were attentive, patient and kind, even in sometimes very difficult circumstances. We as her family, who lived several hours' drive away, felt wholly assured that she was being well looked-after, and the team at Plasgwyn were very diligent in keeping us speedily informed about developments in her condition. I consider her very lucky to have had such care at the sad end of her life, and we were lucky to know that she was receiving it."

John Wakefield

...I will always be deeply grateful for Bodawen’ s teams kind and compassionate help 

"I am honoured to have the opportunity to express my feelings about Bodawen Care Home. A dear friend of mine was admitted there when, after having had a stroke and several falls, it became a necessary decision to make for her ongoing safety. When visiting her I found the atmosphere to be very friendly and comforting. Her helpers there from Ceri Roberts to Mandy Jones (the manager) to the nurses and Barbara, the events manager -and Kim who would often take items to her for me-indeed everybody in the team-were so capable and caring. The Bodawen location is beautiful; there were fun events such as bocce ball and live music.  My friend enjoyed these, she could eat with others, watch TV in a common living room with them or in her own room if she so chose. Soon after she arrived Covid broke out and I was greatly impressed by the way it was so efficiently and safely handed for all the residents. It was made possible for my friend and I to communicate by Skype (as well as by phone) and we were constantly in touch. I will always be deeply grateful for Bodawen’ s teams kind and compassionate help."

Liz Munro

...The staff, from the carers to the managers, are special 

"It is a difficult decision to know which home is best for your mother.  I had to move my mam to a nursing home as her needs intensified.  I was very fortunate that a place became available at Plasgwyn.  The staff, from the carers to the managers, are special.  Always ready to help, whatever question or enquiry you have. Walking in to Plasgwyn gives me such a homely and friendly feeling.  I can’t be thankful enough for the care that mam receives there."

Marian Lacey

...There is a very homey atmosphere in Bodawen 

"My mother stayed at Bodawen Home during a difficult time (Covid 19). She received exceptional care during this time, the steps the home took to keep the residents safe were very commendable. There is a very homey atmosphere in Bodawen and the staff are always friendly and ready to answer any concerns or questions."

Geraint Evans